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It's 2021 and there is a massive explosion of  Non-Fungible-Tokens all over the world. While many people are familiar with the Crypto World, for most of us NFT’s are a magical crypto entity that inhabits a faraway land amongst elves and sprites.


So, what exactly is this NFT thing?

Non-Fungible-Tokens or NFT’s are basically Crypto Tokens just like any other tokens. However, these tokens are unique and are “Non-Fungible” which means they cannot be duplicated, replicated or replaced.  Most of the well-known Crypto Tokens (like Bitcoin and Ethernet) are “Fungible” meaning they CAN be duplicated, replicated or replaced.

Today, NFT’s are used to represent digital assets and collectables like Sylvie's Unique Collectible Kittys. The reason why these tokens can represent digital assets is because of the way NFT’s are built.


What makes NFT’s really unique is that they give the token, a sense of rarity, uniqueness and sort of differentiation from the rest of the tokens.  Even if someone buys the NFT Artwork, they only become the new owner of the Artwork, not the Original Creator of the Artwork.

 So when Sylvie converted her artwork into NFT's, she is essentially encrypting the data of the Artwork within the blockchain where all the information about the Artwork gets stored.  


This fascinating process is called “Minting”.  Sounds delicious, doesn't it?  


There's even a 'Minted' Kitty to collect.

Have a look at the adorable digital collectable Kittys on our OpenSea page. Great value and astonishingly original the Kittys also feature heavily in Sylvie's Botanical Garden, the fascinating and educational Roblox game-in-development.

Get in touch if you want to discuss anything, make suggestions or just say hello.  We are VERY sociable :).

Bye for now!

Love Sylvie x










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